10 top tips when visiting a show home

If you are thinking about buying a new-build home then visiting a show home may be a good start. Show Homes allow you to really visualise your family living their as well as  get a feel for the quality and finish of the build. However before visiting a show home, there are a number of things you may want to look out for in order to help you get a better idea of the place you are looking for. We have compiled a list of all the necessary things to consider.

Our newest show home, The Sandridge, is available to view at Habrough Fields, Immingham.

Our newest show home, The Sandridge, is available to view at Habrough Fields, Immingham.

1. Condition of the site 

At Peter Ward Homes not only do we take pride in the embellishment of our homes, but the sites too. A tidy and well managed site gives a great first impression and a good indication that your new home will be built with quality workmanship in mind.

2. Which way does the house face?

South facing windows can improve the energy efficiency of a home because solar energy warms the walls and floors of a building. However north facing windows offer more consistent quality of light.

3. Timescales

When is the house likely to be ready and completed to move into? It is natural to want to move in as quickly as possible but your chosen plot could be a few months from completion.

4. Personalisation

Everyone loves to make their home their own, so one thing to consider would be whether you can make certain areas of the house your own taste. At Peter Ward Homes buyers can choose a number of finishes to their home.

5. Warranty cover

One of the main things to check is whether the builder is registered with the NHBC. Peter Ward Homes is covered by the NHBC’s ten-year build mark meaning your home is covered before it is even completed.

6. Furniture

Take measurements of large items such as beds, sofas and dining room tables and then measure up the space in the show house to check your belongings will fit. It is also a good idea to check what storage is available to fit extra items around the house.

7. Community

Check the full site plan to see where the open spaces and play areas for children are planned as well as other useful facilities such as GP surgeries, schools and local shops. This will give you a better idea of how the community plans to develop over time.

8. Consumer code for home builders 

The code gives you protection and rights to purchasers of new homes. All you need to do is ask to see a copy of the code and make sure you are protected during each stage of the buying process.

9. Energy Efficiency 

Buyers are able to view a copy of the homes Energy Performance Certificate as this will give you a good indication of how energy efficient the home is and how much the utility bills are likely to cost. Ask to see if the home has any renewable technologies that reduce bills even further.

10. Council Tax banding 

Find out which council tax band the house will be allocated to, and what current yearly change is for that band.

Extra Special Winter Offers!

Dreaming of a new home in 2015? You’re in luck. To help turn that dream into reality, we are currently offering extra special winter offers on selected plots at our Habrough Fields site in Immingham. Over the last two years the housing market has gone from strength to strength and with continuous support from Government backed-schemes such as Help to Buy and the recent stamp duty reform, it’s safe to say there has never been a more appropriate time to buy a new home.

2 plots available - Two bedroom family home, The Banbury.

2 plots available – Two bedroom family home, The Banbury.

There are two different house types included in the special winter offers, giving you a choice to fit your needs. The properties available include The Banbury a three bedroomed semi detached house. At just £108,000 with Help to Buy or at the full price of £135,000, this home is perfect for those of you looking to make 2015 the year you stop renting. Buyers will also get to choose two options from the Peter Ward Homes personal touches scheme, which includes items such as a 50” LG TV and a family iPad package. You will also recieve free floor coverings and garden turf worth up to £2254.

If you’re looking for a home with a bit more space, another choice may be The Warwick. With a spacious Lounge and Kitchen, this three bedroomed detached home is ideal for those of you with a growing family and need of a bit more room. With Help to Buy, The Warwick is priced at £128,000 or £180,000 at full price.

Three bed, detached house, The Warwick is perfect for growing families.

Three bed, detached house, The Warwick is perfect for growing families.

The extra special winter offers are designed to give you a little bit more when purchasing  your new home. The personal touches scheme allows you to select an item from the options available which include household appliances such as an LG brushed steel Fridge Freezer. So not only do you get your brand new home but a few little extras to go with it.

We have always appreciated that buying a new home is a huge step for any buyer and we make the process as smooth and unnerving as possible. With the support Help to Buy provides, families and first time buyers, who may have struggled to get a deposit together, can now move into one of our homes. We advise people to take advantage of it whilst they can and make 2015 the year you move into your perfect home.

How to keep your home warm this winter!

454971487For those of you who have been unlucky (or lucky) enough to have been hit by the snow these past few weeks, you may be in desperate need of keeping out the cold. We have come up with 10 top tips that will help keep you and your Peter Ward Home warm!

1. Put up curtains

A set of heavy curtains can block out drafts of air. You don’t have to have them shut all the time as the sun shining through the window will warm up the room.

2. Close and seal all doors 

A closed door makes that room another barrier between you and the cold outdoors. It also stops air from circulating as much, which reduces heat loss. So if you are one for leaving doors open around the house, try closing them and see how the rooms will become warmer. You may also want to check around the door frame and under the door. Maybe invest in a door sweep or just simply place a towel there to block any draft.

3. Put down a rug 

If you have laminate or tiled flooring, try covering it with a rugs. Rugs and carpets help prevent heat loss through the floor so when you walk across it your feet will generally feel warmer.

4. Cook

A spot of cooking is a good way to not only warm up your stomach but your Kitchen too. The oven will help to dry the air and heat the room.

5. Drink warm liquids

A nice cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate will really raise your core temperature. What better way to relax and stay warm!

6. Electric blanket

An electric blanket can keep you very warm and comfortable in the night and it is more economical that an inefficient and expensive old wall heater.

7. Hot water bottle 

A hot water bottle is the ideal winter accessory to snuggle on the sofa and is at a very affordable price.

8. Dress warmly

A onesie or fluffy dressing gown may come in very handy during the winter time. Dressing in layers with warm socks and slippers combined with a hot drink, will not only give you a great amount of warmth but is the perfect way to wind down after a long working day.

9. Exercise

Moving around produces body heat so there is more to staying active than great health benefits.The more active you are, the better your blood circulation will be. This means that warm blood gets to your fingers and toes, keeping them warm.

10. Light candles

Candles not only look and smell nice but are a cheap way to keep your home all toasty this winter.