Tips for a Clean and Tidy Home

Is there anything better than arriving home from work to a clean and tidy home? Perhaps the only thing that beats it is waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing that there are barely any household chores to be done over the weekend. Whilst this may sound like a dream come true, it’s actually very easy to achieve by tweaking your daily routine to incorporate small actions that combine to make a huge difference.

Check out our tips below and you’ll soon find that your home is much easier to keep beautiful no matter what the time of day.


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New Homes – Save You Money and Heartache!

A survey, by the NHBC, of 2,000 people who had recently moved into a new home has come out with some predictable and some not so predictable results The survey called The Advantages of a New Home asked what those surveyed considered the advantages of new homes to be.

Some of the advantages will be very obvious to all, such as the fact that everything in the home is new, the home is a blank canvas ready to be personalised and there is no need for expensive home improvements. But many of the advantages are not so obvious such as the high levels of thermal insulation found as standard in a new home, giving the benefit of both improved comfort and lower fuel bills. Also the safety advantages of modern wiring and the improved robustness of foundations on which new homes are constructed.

Many did point to the energy efficiency benefits of new homes – the better standards of insulation enhanced draught-proofing and improved ‘airtightness’ that help to lower household annual energy too were the improved levels of comfort that this brings. The report shows that energy bills for a new build four-bedroom detached house are estimated at £1,050 – saving £1,400 compared to those of a 19th century house.

Homeowners of newer properties were also drawn to the idea of buying a ‘blank-canvas’ that was ready to be personalised, free from the nasty surprises left by previous owners’ DIY. They also commented on the contemporary, flexible layouts and modern facilities of new homes such as new kitchens, bathrooms and appliances, all covered by manufacturers’ warranties.

The report outlined the safety advantages of new homes such as mains-powered smoke alarms, interlinked throughout the home, which are a standard feature The benefits of safety glazing, safer stairs and the additional security features were also seen as a big advantage. pwh_kitchen_dinning_sceneHowever it was interesting to note that the advantages purchasers saw in buying a new home extend beyond the property itself. Many of the new homeowners surveyed considered that moving to a new development was also an attraction, allowing the opportunity to make new friends and neighbours in a new community.

Neil Smith, Head of Research & Innovation at NHBC, said: “It is pleasing that homeowners are able to identify the many benefits of new homes, ranging from the obvious advantages of a ‘blank canvas’ with everything being new, through to the much-improved energy efficiency standards, which lead to greatly-reduced fuel bills, compared with those of older homes.

“Maybe less obvious are the more solid foundations on which new homes are built, which are designed to suit local ground conditions, as well as the safety advantages of modern wiring and mains-powered smoke alarms, interlinked throughout the home.

“This report is a useful reminder of the benefits of buying a new home, designed and built in accordance with up-to-date standards. What’s more, an important advantage frequently raised in the survey is the peace of mind provided by NHBC’s warranty and insurance protection under Buildmark, from exchange of contracts through to a maximum of 10 years after completion.”

Here is a summary of the 10 areas identified in the NHBC Report:

  1. Ready to Move In
  • no structural repairs
  • no nasty surprises; no need to put money aside to put things right
  • nothing to do immediately
  • reduced ongoing maintenance
  • clean surfaces and straight lines
  • a clean slate; ready to make your own
  1. Everything is New
  • new, clean, nobody else’s dirt
  • new kitchen appliances covered by manufacturers’ warranties
  • no unwelcome repair bills
  • peace of mind
  1. Modern Layout
  • modern design
  • open layout
  • well-proportioned spaces allow different furniture arrangements
  • good natural and artificial light
  • built-in cupboards and storage
  1. Modern Facilities
  • extra bathroom facilities including downstairs wc
  • water efficient; water-saving taps and fittings
  • water meter for easy monitoring of water use
  • safety measures to prevent scalding
  • easy to keep clean
  • good ventilation
  1. Energy Efficiency – Cost
  • reduced bills for heating and hot water
  • reduced electricity bills
  • better standards of insulation, draught-proofing and improved ‘airtightness’
  • double glazing
  • efficient controls (programmer, room thermostats and thermostatic radiator valves)
  1. Energy Efficiency – Comfort
  • draughts minimised
  • unwanted heat loss reduced
  • quicker warm-up time and improved control of comfort
  • improved ventilation
  • reduced risk of condensation and mould
  1. Safety – Smoke Alarms and Wiring
  • mains-powered smoke alarms interlinked throughout the home
  • plenty of socket outlets located at an accessible height
  • trailing wires reduced
  • modern consumer unit with safety circuit breakers that can easily be reset
  1. Safety – Glazing and Stairs
  • safety glass toughened or laminated so it is less likely to splinter if broken
  • stairs designed for safe, comfortable use
  • handrails provided for safety
  • balustrades and guarding meet safety standards
  • doors do not open directly onto stairs
  1. Solid Foundations
  • improved foundation design
  • risk of structural damage due to trees minimised
  • appropriate foundation design for the locality and the ground conditions
  1. A Quiet Home
  • adjoining homes separated by walls and floors designed to reduce noise transfer from neighbours
  • internal walls and floors designed and built to reduce noise transfer between rooms






Children’s Bedrooms – Get it Right First Time

Whilst it hasn’t been much of a Summer so far, now would be a good time to start deciding what you are going to do this Autumn and Winter to improve your home. One thing that will go down well is to look at your children bedrooms. They are often the forgotten rooms, the general places like the kitchen and lounge getting all the attention, but in the modern home, particularly when it comes to pre-teens and teenagers themselves they are well used! 

There are a number of things to consider and the key to decorating a modern child’s or young persons bedroom is to be able to adapt your home and the bedroom easily to match their needs and stage in life. Here are some tips from our Show Home design team at Peter Ward Homes.

Tip One – Create Spaces

In todays homes bedroom space can be at a premium. Whether you live in a brand new home or an older one, quite often the decision making on whose bedroom is whose is down to age. But is that the right way to go about organising your home? For example a combined bedroom and play room for children between 7 and 12 is ideal, younger than that you need to keep an eye on them, older and they don’t need the play space. So think about how you allocate space in your home. Talk it through with the family, and don’t stick to a one room for life policy. When young adults go away don’t retain their room, reallocate rooms to maximise your space and give them to the younger siblings left behind.


Tip Two – Adequate and Matched Storage

Little people have little clothes so when it comes to storage they don’t need as much. Wrong! When they are younger they may not have much in the way of clothing but most children these days have grandparents who buy them a toy a week. Children’s bedrooms can be dangerous places if there is no place to put things away. Letting them put things away is a good way of teaching them the benefits of being tidy. And don’t just adapt adult storage. Think about reach heights and how strong young kids are. HP Kids 1Wardrobes aren’t child user friendly but pull out storage boxes are. And think about bookshelves so they can find their favourite book of the moment. As they get older start to introduce some more grown up furniture. And a tip if you can’t afford new teen furniture, let them loose with stickers and paint – after all its their bedroom and they have to live (and sleep) in it!

Tip Three – Fit Black Out Curtains and Blinds

We all know how important sleep is to our young ones. And once up, the little treasures are great at waking up the whole house. So to ensure a good nights sleep for all, make certain that you can darken children’s bedrooms. A combination of blinds and black out curtains will keep out any street lighting or early morning sun. It will also help older children sleep during daylight hours! However curtains can be attractive as swinging points when playing pirates so, with younger children, fit a fun blind and make sure that the cord has a safety break on it or can be stowed away.

Tip Four – Accessorise those Characters or Themes

I’m sure they all loved Thomas the Tank Engine but just like the videos they are soon out of favour as the next trend, TV programme or film comes along. So rather than a mural on one wall or special Batman wallpaper, that you can’t paint over, try to decorate the walls in neutral and pastel mix colours. And use large posters or framed pictures that can easily be changed (and the frames re-used).

IMG_9041When it comes to the bed choose one with lock down wheels (so it can be easily moved around the room and make way for some play space) and theme it. Thinking in this way you will get the best out of the room and not have to redecorate each time the new craze arrives!

Tip Five – The Bed

We have already mentioned that a bed with wheels is a good idea so that it can be moved to make more play space. Beds pushed against walls are not necessarily a good idea, although available space can mean that it is the most practical solution. Just remember, the space where the bed is pushed against the wall can become unhygienic so make sure it is regularly cleaned.


Also think about drawer space under the bed to help out on the storage front. And as your child gets older consider a pull out from under their bed, so that sleepovers become a bit easier all round. Finally don’t shirk on a child’s mattress, just because they are light doesn’t mean posture and the shape a mattress forms is not important – it is.

With older children and young adults it is even more important to get them a proper bed and mattress, taking into account their size and the room within their bedroom. Don’t make the mistake of putting a king size bed in a room just big enough for a single – you will live to regret it! And letting them keep their bunk beds may seem quaint but it isn’t going to do their backs or temperament any good. Or their street cred!

Tip Six – Plan and Create Excitement

Whilst its not ideal for family members to spend all their lives in their bedroom, we all need places for “me” time. _R7C0670_002In the case of younger children play is an important element of their development so make their bedrooms a place they want to go and play in. Try and introduce “educational” elements but in a fun way. make a bedroom desirable and it will be appreciated and used.

As children get older the bedroom can be a place for study so make sure you encourage this, for example fit it out with a desk. And as young people go through puberty they need their own personal space, where they aren’t constantly interrupted by other family members.

_R7C0433Thinking about the way you allocate rooms is important, is one better suited than another to a particular child’s age? Most of all make your children’s bedroom an exciting place to be in and, no matter what their age, they will benefit in all sorts of ways.

Please note: All the photographs used in this article are from Peter Ward Homes showhomes and demonstrate how much attention we give to child and young adults bedroom space. For more ideas come and visit one of our show homes at our sites. Just visit our website for location information



Okay its Summer and one of the biggest problems with the kids being off school is what to do with them? Days out can be expensive. So home based activities are a great idea. But then it’s a glorious day outside so baking isn’t such a good idea. So what can we do outside, that’s fun, will get all ages involved and has an “educational” element too it.

Well those Percy Throwers and Monty Don’s out there are already shouting out “Gardening”. So here at Peter Ward Homes our Blogging Team took a look at children’s gardening and even though we say it ourselves “What a Great Idea!”

Gardening is one of the most fun activities you can do with your kids outside of school, and it can really help with their learning and diet too. Research has found that children who have spent time planting demonstrate better scientific understanding because the process of gardening covers many topics on the school curriculum. And its also been proved that when they are involved in growing and harvesting vegetables they are keener to try them!

Three generation family including children (7-11) with gardening tools in garden, portraitProblem is that many of us aren’t gardeners any more. By comparison our parents grew up in a generation of gardeners. Often for baby boomers and those generations afterwards gardening is a must do activity. But modern new homes come with gardens, at Peter Ward Homes for example we do not sell homes without front and back gardens. So how’s about using them to your advantage!

So what if you aren’t a gardener? Well think of the benefits of learning together with your children. You are out in the open air, spending quality time together and sharing what may become a passion for both of you. And if you are one of those people who love to garden involving children is a great way to pass on your knowledge to the next generation of gardeners.

So here are our tips for gardening with your children:

  • Summer is out of Season – a common misconception about gardening is that if you don’t get your planting done in Spring then you have missed the boat. Find seeds that can be planted all year round – so you can get started now!
  •  Plant Easy-to-Grow Seeds – kids aren’t the most patient people. Giving them seeds to plant that won’t show up for months means they are likely to get bored, and quickly lose interest in gardening. Children need to see results fast so consider planting things like green beans or marigolds, they will start to sprout in just a few days.
  • Make it Edible – children often find traditional gardening tiresome. Girl with a bunch of freshly carrotsTo get your kids over this plant some fruit and vegetable seeds that they can eat once they have been harvested,. This way they can really see the results of all their hard work. Herbs are very easy to grow, and can even be cultivated on a sunny windowsill inside or out. Great if you don’t have a very large or accessible garden.
  • Let Them Do Things Themselves – planting flowers and veg and maintaining them while your kids sit and watch isn’t going to work. Look at how modern museums approach engagement with the young people?They use interactive, hands-on experiences, because children are not only more interested when they have a go for themselves, they often learn better through tactile experiences. As you can imagine, this can be quite messy, but there aren’t many opportunities these days for youngsters to get dirty, so dress them accordingly and hose them down if it’s a warm day for extra fun!Girl planting flower bulbs with her mother
  • Give Them Their “Own” Garden – if your garden is your pride and joy and you really can’t imagine the thought of little feet tramping all over it, give your kids a section of the garden that is all theirs. Tell them they can do whatever they like in this area. Make sure you keep the area free of anything they could hurt themselves on, or anything dangerous.

So there are some basic ideas. We researched a few gardening websites, books and blogs for more expert guidance on actual child friendly activities.

 DAWN ISAAC, a Mum who has a great website for indoor and outdoor childrens gardening

Little Green FingersDawns website is just packed with all the things you’ll need. There are Blogs, tips in fact it’s a one stop shop for children and adult gardening. Take a look and get some inspiration. Here are some ideas she has for young gardeners

  • “Encourage them to be budding entrepreneurs: they could dry herbs and make scented bags with them, or grow and sell their own cut flowers.”
  • “Weird stuff always goes down well. Steer them towards edible flowers, or unusually coloured or shaped veg.”
  • “Let some of their crops run to seed, so that they can collect seeds, design seed packets and then give them to friends and family as gifts – or just keep them for next year.”

TOM MOGGACH is an author and his book “The Urban Kitchen Gardener” is a classic

 Tom’s book is great for first time “food” gardeners and adults who want to learn with their children. Growing, picking, preserving and cooking herbs and veg are all covered and you don’t need a massive plot. It’s a great buy and at the time of writing this Blog you can save £11 on the purchase price at Amazon, making the book just £5.99Urban Kitchen Garderner


  • Here are some ideas Tom has for gardening with children:



  • “Pounce on any flashes of interest. Cast off adult preconceptions and think about how you can transform that tentative spark of interest into an activity they can sustain for more than a few nanoseconds.”
  • “Graze from the plot – show them how easy it is to pick a pea or eat a nasturtium flower. Greed is always a good motivator.”
  • “Watering is another winner. Punch little holes in the lids of large recyclable plastic bottles to produce a light sprinkle of water, so they can fill them up and wander around the garden.”


DALE and LEE CONNELLY known as the Skinny Jean Gardeners, off the wall broadcasters and gardeners

These two are gardening celebs and have appeared on Blue Peter, Radio 1 and work with Jamie Oliver. If you have older children they are a great way to introduce them to gardening. Its all a bit “rock and roll”. Take a look at their website and view their fun on-line videos.

Skinny Jean GardenerHere are some kids gardening ideas from the trendy twosome:

  • “Try growing upside-down, hanging-basket tomato plants. Cut the bottom off a 1.5l bottle and punch four holes around the cut edge. Feed a tomato seedling into the cut end and carefully pull the leaves through the spout, so the leaves are outside and the roots inside. Fill the bottle with compost to hold the roots in place and thread twine through the holes. Then hang upside down somewhere in the sun, water it regularly and wait for the tomatoes to come cascading down.”
  • “Let children get muddy. Put them in old clothes and relax. They have so few opportunities in life to get properly grubby and they love it.”
  • “Go on a worm hunt. Teach them the importance of worms and show them how to handle them carefully.”


So use some of the resources here to get you started and then progress on from there. And if you are still a bit stumped and need some help we have put together a “Gardening With Your Children Activity Guide”.

Its packed full of tips and help for those who aren’t gardeners at all and it will also be useful for those who have some gardening know how. There are also links to some great websites that will keep you going throughout the Summer and afterwards. Simply download the Activity Guide by using this link

You will soon find that gardening is a lot more fun than you imagined, especially when you do it as a family. And just think how satisfying it is afterwards!  And don’t forget that at Peter Ward Homes we want to hear all about your gardens so post us a message on Facebook and we will try to cover your story!

Note: We realise we might have made ourselves a bit unpopular with parents when it comes to gardening and dirty clothes so here’s a tip for getting the little earth monsters outfits back to pristine condition – we hope!

“A good way of dealing with soil stains is to let them dry first, before tackling the mark with a hard-bristled brush.”

Those nasty hard to get rid of stains can be dealt with using some of the cleaning tips available here


Can I Move Into a Brand New Home Before Christmas?

As we are writing this there is just 10 weeks to go to Christmas. A question we get asked a lot at this time of year is can you move into your brand new home in time to be in for the big day? This Christmas will you be giving the kids a bigger chimney for Santa to climb down? Will you now have enough room for both sets of in-laws to stay over? To do this in a few weeks is not going to be easy. You’ve got to find a new place to live, arrange the necessary finance, appoint a solicitor and arrange to move in – can it be done?

Blog Header XmasFor those who want to move into a new home its still a possibility but you will need to be organised. And here is some bad news, if you are an existing homeowner there probably isn’t enough time to get your own property on the market and sold. So we are concentrating here on people who have already sold their property, are renting or living at home. In this Blog we try to help those people who have set their sights on a Christmas move to a brand new home.

So what’s next. Well obviously you need to find your new home. In the case of Peter Ward Homes they are promoting plots at their three sites across East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. They have homes waiting for those people wanting to move in before Christmas and enjoy the festive season in their new home.

“We have a lot of experience in getting people moved quickly” said Kara Hoggard the company’s Sales Administrator “For example we have twelve plots for sale that are all available to move into during December. That gives time for the legal completion and the moving in to take place. At Habrough Fields for example there are 2, 3 and 4 bed homes which can be ready to move into as soon as the legal process is sorted”

So, once you have decided that a new home for Christmas is what you want, what do you need to do? Like everything in life these days there is a Five Point Plan that will help make this as stress free as possible:

Step 1 – Finding your new home

Because you have to move quickly to ensure you are in before Xmas you need to use the internet to start your search. Decide on the areas you want to move too, look at the city, town and village names in that area and use Google to find out more about them, just type in the name of the place. Once you have an area or place you prefer do your search using various search terms eg “new homes in….”. Have a look at the housebuilders and estate agents sites, get a feel for prices and then decide which new developments suit you. Then set aside time to go and visit each development.

Help to Buy ISA Couple

Choose five to ten things that are important to you and score each site/house type between 1 & 10 on each of those criteria. Take away literature if its available and also get a firm price on the house type(s) you like, that are going to be available to move into before Xmas. Then go away and compare and contrast and whittle your list down to just three homes. Revisit each site, talk to the sales representatives and decide which ones for you! Once you have made the decision get in touch with the lucky sales rep and reiterate your time frame for moving. Keep them in the loop when it comes to mortgage decisions etc.

 Step 2 – Organise the purchase of your new home

Help to Buy Isa Saver

Check you have enough money to move into the new property. Establish all the costs including the price of your new home, the deposit required (reduced if you use Help to Buy), all fees for conveyancing and moving, not forgetting stamp duty. And don’t forget any furniture, soft furnishings, TV/audio equipment etc you will need to buy. Don’t underestimate the costs and look at a 10% contingency fund for those extras that you may need.

 Step 3 – Choose someone you know or who are recommended for the conveyancing

Some “busy” solicitors just firefight, giving their time and attention to your purchase only when a problem arises. Ask friends if they would recommend the conveyancers they used? Explain that you have a deadline and if they can’t meet it they need to be honest. If not you will make their life a misery. And once you have chosen don’t be a pest but do cajole. And ask for milestone dates when things should be sorted by.

 Step 4 – Secure your mortgage as early as possible

You need to meet with your bank, building society or independent broker to see how much you can borrow and discuss whether a fixed or variable rate is best, repayment mortgage or interest only. Many people find that dealing direct with banks and building societies is a longer process, so consider a broker.

First Time Buyers 3

Discuss timescales with your mortgage provider as lenders do have backlogs. For that first meeting take along your past three months’ pay slips and at least two annual P60’s. Provide details of any life assurance and if necessary pension arrangements. If you have any investments including deposit accounts ISA’s or shares, bring proof of ownership. Print off bank statements from the past twelve months and if you have them take a utility and council tax bill. If you are self-employed, you will need at least three years of audited accounts. And proof of identity is a good idea, a passport is best. All this will help speed up the process. If you need to supply anything further try to take it in to the lender rather than post it.

 Step 5 – The actual Move

If you are lucky and this is your first home then you might not have a lot to move in so you can use your car or a hire van. Don’t forget to plan what you need for your first few days so make sure you have a microwave, kettle and some crockery and cutlery. You also want to start looking at beds, furniture, TV’s etc and have them delivered a few days after your move in date.

Young couple with boxes in new home celebrating New YearsIf you aren’t so lucky and you have been renting and acquired “stuff” start to look at removal companies and save money by shopping around. If you move close to Christmas, bear in mind that removal firms get booked up and prices could rise. At your rented home, start to pack things away. Any large items or garage clutter can be put into temporary storage. Start thinking about time off work and save at least two days for the move. Moving mid-week is normally cheaper and gives you two extra weekend days.


So now you are all primed up what other advice is there for you? A great website to visit is, a price comparison site with loads of advice and also lists suppliers of services including solicitors, surveyors and removals. The Home Owners Alliance website ( is packed full of useful information. And don’t forget if you’re buying a home in East Yorkshire or Northern Lincolnshire spend some time looking at the Peter Ward Homes website. After all we brought you this article so we know it works!

Happy moving and let us be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas in your brand new home!


10 Facts about Immingham…

Immingham Area Shot 08090006Immingham has been a popular location for Peter Ward Home buyers over the past few years. The success of phase 1 and 2, have proved just how much homes are in demand in this semi-rural location.To help you get to know Immingham a little bit better, we have put together a list of facts to show just what a great place it is to live.

1. Immingham is a town in the North East Lincolnshire unitary authority of England. It is situated on the southwest bank of the Humber Estuary, and is 6 miles north-west from Grimsby. It is just 3 miles from the M180/A180, giving access to major towns and cities including Scunthorpe and Doncaster, and via the Humber Bridge to Hull and York.

2. Habrough station is just one and a half miles away, with regular services East and West, linking with the main network via Doncaster.

3. Two airports, Humberside and Robin Hood are close by and offer low cost charter flights.

4. Immingham has a sports centre, swimming pool and a golf club. Public houses include the County Hotel, the De Kyme Hotel, the Mayflower and the Bluestone Inn.

5. In 2008 the Port of Grimsby and Immingham was the UK’s largest port by tonnage. It is owned by Associated British Ports and is a constituent port in the Hull and Humber Ports City Region and is a port used frequently by various shipping agents.

6. Oasis Academy Immingham is the main secondary school serving the area. The school was formally known as The Immingham School.

7. Up until the turn of the 20th century Immingham was a rural village, dependent on agriculture. The advent of the railways encouraged speculators to utilise its location on the coast to build a deep-sea dock to rival that in nearby Hull.

8. The town contains a memorial marking the site of the 1608 departure of the Pilgrim Fathers to the Netherlands.

9. Close to Immingham, oil is refined at the Lindsey (at North Killingholme) Oil Refinery by total and at the Humber refinary (at South Killingholme) by Phillips 66.

10. During the First World War, Immingham was a submarine base for early submarines. During the Second World War, Immingham became the shore base of Lord Mountbatten and the docks hosted his famous vessel, HMS Kelly.

The Manor welcomes first family…

John and Lorraine Normington are the first residents to move intoThe Manor in Gilberdyke.

John and Lorraine Normington are the first residents to move intoThe Manor in Gilberdyke.

The Normington family have recently become the first family to move into Peter Ward Homes’ exclusive new development, The Manor in Gilberdyke. This marks the first milestone for The Manor, which has had a remarkable amount of interest from many buyers, keen to get a taste of a Peter Ward home.

John and Lorraine Normington were amongst the first buyers lucky enough to find their perfect family home. After seeing the old Captains Close development in Goole, completed in 2012, the family were impressed with the quality and precision of the build. They then went on to enquire about this current development in Gilberdyke. After viewing many of the house types available at The Manor, they fell in love with three bed, semi-detached home, called The Woking.

Mrs Normington said, “When we first saw The Woking we knew it was for us. We love how much space there is – especially in the Kitchen and Utility Room. Not to mention the perfect location. Words can’t describe it. It’s just fantastic. We couldn’t be more thrilled to finally be in our brand new home. It was definitely worth the wait and it was great value for money.”

The Woking is just one of 7 house types available at The Manor. With a mixture of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses, there is something for everyone.

One person who has seen just how happy the family are, is Peter Ward Homes’ Sales Representative, Sarah Shepherd. Sarah has guided the Normington family through the process of purchasing their home, to make it as easy and unnerving for them as possible.

She said, “ It’s great to see John and Lorraine have settled in well and are enjoying their new home. It just goes to show how the right home can make a real difference to your life. People search and search for their perfect home and think they will never find it. Fortunately, this family have and we are delighted they have found it with us. It has been a pleasure to get to know them and we would like to wish them the best of luck in their new home.”

Mrs Normington also took this opportunity to say a few words.

“On behalf of my husband and son, we would like to thank Sarah for all the help she has given us in the past year. She has been fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

To view the house types and special summer incentives available at The Manor in Gilberdyke, visit:

Smiles all around at The Eastrington Show…


Sales representative and lucky winner, Chris Stringfellow, helped out at The Eastrington Show.

For many years now the Eastrington Show has been a major attraction in Yorkshire and the North East of England. The show attracts many people from all over the country who come especially to enjoy the days festivities.

This year the show reached out to a number of local businesses in hope of gaining sponsors and exhibitors to contribute towards the annual event. One of the exhibitors that was more than happy to help was local house builder, Peter Ward Homes.

When approached by the Eastrington Show, Peter Ward Homes were one of the sponsors keen to get involved. As an avid supporter of local events, there was no surprise the house builder was quick to jump at the opportunity to help out and be of service on the day.

Every year a number of fun-filled shows and activities are put on to entertain people of all ages and gender. The days schedual included horse, sheep, cattle and terrier shows as well as a number of competitions.

Peter Ward Homes, Sales Representative Chris Stringfellow was present on the day and ran a stall along side a small team. The stall was set up so that throughout the day, visitors could come and speak to the Sales Representatives with any enquiries or help they may need on taking the first steps to find their new home. A number of brochures and leaflets where on hand to give visitors a better look on what a Peter Ward home offers. The stall attracted many people throughout the day who were on the look out for a new family home.

Determined to join in on the fun action of the Eastrington show, Sales Representative Chris, had a memorable moment of her own. As a keen baker, she took up the opportunity to enter the cake competition which resulted in her winning The Kathleen Wraith Memorial Trophy for the ‘fatless sponge’. This is not the first win for Chris as she also won this trophy back in 2009.

Chris shared her thoughts on the day.

“It was great that Peter Ward Homes were able to share the excitement of the day. The Eastrington Show is a great event attracting lots of families who wouldn’t necessarily  expect to see a house builder there. That’s why events like this are great as people can enjoy them selves as well as get information and guidance on matters such as purchasing or finding a new home.”

A day in the life of a Peter Ward Homes Sales Representative…

The lovely Peter Ward Homes Sales Team.

A few of the hardworking Peter Ward Homes Sales Representatives.

At Peter Ward Homes, we are dedicated to giving you the best guidance and support as possible when it comes to finding and purchasing a new home. Our Sales Representatives are available 7 days a week from 11am – 5pm to help deal with any enquiries you may have. Sarah Shepherd is one of our longest working Sales Representatives at Peter Ward Homes and we caught up with her to chat about what life is like working at Peter Ward Homes.

How long have you worked for Peter Ward Homes?

I’ve been here since 1998 so it will be 17 years this May. It doesn’t feel that long though.

What made you want to be a Sales Representative?

I’ve always worked in this industry. I like meeting people. I’ve only actually been a Sales Representative for Peter Ward Homes because I like the quality of his build. Its important when your selling a property, whether it’s a 2 or a 5 bed, that the quality of the build is good. Buyers get that with a Peter Ward home.

What’s the best thing about working at Peter Ward Homes?

Working for Peter Ward Homes. They are a very good company and very good to their staff. They build a product that you can be very proud to sell. It’s what we believe. I wouldn’t have worked for them for all this time if they weren’t.

What is a typical day like for you? 

It varies really. We open up the show house, check our emails, contact people that have interest in the development and want to be updated. We also show people around the development and explain all about Peter Ward Homes and the properties we have.  It’s all about the customer – satisfying their needs and finding the right property for them.

 How has the job changed over the years?

It’s changed massively because the lenders are more stringent with the process and it’s understandably more difficult to get a mortgage now. But government-backed schemes such as Help to Buy have made a huge difference.

What do people look for the most when buying a home? 

The quality and design of the build. If they didn’t like the quality they wouldn’t buy it. I spoke to a surveyor not long ago who said she had visited our Sandholme Park development, which started back in 2000. She said to me ‘that site still looks as good as it did 10 years ago’. So I think that just goes to show how good the quality of the houses are. And also more importantly they are great value for money.

What advice would you give to a new Sales Rep? 

Always be polite and treat your customer the way you would like to be treated yourself.


Sarah is currently handling all enquires at The Manor in Gilberdyke which is open 7 days a week from 11am – 5pm. Site Sales Office: 01430 631100  

Another Successful Open Weekend!


First Time Buyers – Corey and Laura

To help buyers through the process of finding and purchasing a new home, local house builder Peter Ward Homes held an Open Weekend at the Manor in Gilberdyke and Habrough Fields in Immingham. Prospective buyers were able to visit the developments where the Sales Representatives and an Independent Financial Advisor were on hand to help with any enquiries that they had. This was not the first successful Open Weekend for the company, with previous events proving to be just as popular. It seems, from the large numbers who attended, that this really is the right time to buy, with many people jumping at the chance to find their perfect home.

The new show home officially opened at The Manor over the weekend and visitors were able to get an exclusive first look at what to expect from a Peter Ward Home. The four bed, Hertford, left many buyers gushing at the impeccable design and layout with many proclaiming ‘they would happily move in now!’

First time buyers, Corey and Laura, were amongst the many people keen to get a look at the new show home. “We really love how modern the design is. It’s great to see that every house is different in style but are all of the same high quality build and finish standard”.

Corey and Laura have recently bought a three bed, Peter Ward home at the sister site, The Willows in Goole. They came to Gilberdyke, as the show home in Goole will not be ready until early May.

They continued, “For first time buyers, the Addington that we have chosen, is perfect. It has everything we are looking for and thanks to Peter Ward Homes the process of buying has been made easy and stress free. We can’t wait to move into our new home.”

To add to the excitement of the event, Peter Ward Homes were also giving visitors the chance to win a 64GB iPad Air in a free prize draw. Entries came flooding in throughout the weekend with both Saturday and Sunday proving to be as equally as busy.

Managing Director, Peter Ward shared his thoughts on the event: “ It’s great to see so many people take advantage of the Open Weekend. We want to help people as much as we can. We want to show them it’s not difficult to purchase a new home. Once buyers get the opportunity to see the show home and speak to our Sales Representatives and advisors the process becomes much easier. It allows you to get a clearer picture of what you are looking for and how you can go about getting it. That’s what the Open Weekends are all about.”

If you’re a first time buyer or are looking to move up or down the property ladder, Peter Ward Homes offers a range of house types to fit various lifestyles. With a mixture of two, three, four and five bedroomed homes there really is something for everyone.

One buyer who has just recently moved in to a three bed Woking end terrace at Habrough Fields, is Jean Garnett. “ I originally wanted to sell my old house using Peter Ward Home’s FreeSell package. However I ended up selling it using their estate agent recommendation, but as a normal sale. My new home is absolutely wonderful, it is so well built and so much thought has gone into the design. You can choose from a wide range of fitments to personalise it. They have thought of everything down to the smallest detail. And to make things even better the site here is perfect, its well located and laid out and everybody is so friendly. It’s a real community. Quiet enough when you want it to be but if you need any help then everybody will lend a hand. I certainly made the right move coming to Habrough Fields”

The site sales offices and show homes at the Manor in Gilberdyke and Habrough Fields in Immingham are open 7 days a week from 11am – 5pm.

To view all the house types available as well as the various schemes and incentives available, visit